100 minutes feature film


Mina’s family has introduced her to several potential husbands in Iran. She has rejected them all until she meets Karim, a surgeon who has travelled from Germany in search of a wife. It’s not love at first sight, but the seduction of life in Europe that makes her consent. In his mid-thirties Karim, a successful Iranian Immigrant, is desperate for a wife to make his life appear complete. He eagerly takes his new bride back home, but marriage to a virtual stranger is more difficult than either imagined.

- Defective Cat is a love story in reverse. Two virtual strangers thrown together into a marriage must overcome many differences and obstacles in hopes of finding love.

DIE DEFEKTE KATZE will be produced by

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This project received the Cinéfondation

Résidence scholarship of Festival de Cannes

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In addition the script-development was supported

by the national film fund „German Federal Filmboard (FFA)“.